Our vision for a stellar IPA is one that is well-hopped yet malty, and most of all, thirst quenching. We understand that it can be fun to pack a grotesque amount of hops into a beer to say that it can be done, but we choose not to do that with our IPA.  We use hops where it’s appropriate.  We add pungent American hops throughout the boil to give us a solid base for an IPA and then dry-hop the beer during conditioning. During this stage, our IPA inherits a huge, aromatic hoppy nose.


The Daisy Cutter is a Belgian-Style Strong Ale.  It leaves nothing on the table.  We use a gargantuan malt bill to give this beer a beautiful dark amber color and the fermentables it needs to reach it’s final ABV of 9.0%.  The Belgian yeast strain, which is the same strain used in the Angry Monk, has no problem fermenting all the maltose (fermentable sugars extracted from malted barley) one can throw at it.  The result is a very drinkable beer surprisingly light on the pallet with the alcohol content deftly hidden.


We love Belgian beers at West Flanders!  A Trippel is one of the classic Belgian-style beers made famous by the Westmalle Trappist Monastary located in Flanders, Belgium.  The color is deceivingly pale, hiding a full orchestra of flavors that one would not expect from a beer of this color.  Apricots and toasted nuts fill the aroma and a delicate addition of Noble hops balance the unique flavors of this incredible ale.  A slight bodily warming is provided by the high alcohol level, as is appropriate with a good Trippel.   As with anything that is fermented, there is a “super special secret ingredient” and yes, we will reveal it here – it’s the YEAST!


 Pilsners are a tough style to brew.  I refer to them as naked beers because there is nothing to hide behind – as a brewer, you’re totally exposed.  Any flaws in your brewing process will be glaringly apparent – like a third nipple.  The foundation of our Pils is built on a superb Pilsner Malt from Weyermann Malting Co. in Bamburg, Germany.  We follow with gorgeous, spicy, lime green-colored Saaz hops from the Czech Republic and lager it with a Czech yeast strain.  After 6-7 weeks of lagering and conditioning, we are gifted with a beautiful, straw-colored Pilsner that is light on the palate with a crisp, refreshing finish.


We prefer a Stout that displays harmony.  With the plethora of malt types used in a Stout, it’s easy to go overboard with one type and end up with a beer that is overly roasted with burnt coffee flavors that send you running for the water fountain.   We use a delicate hand with the Black and Roasted Barleys and we end up with a balanced, semi-sweet Black Malt Bomb displaying beautiful toffee flavors and dark caramel aromas.  The Flaked Oats contribute a silky mouth-feel with a ton of head retention.  A great, cool weather beer.


Our Black IPA is a showcase for American hop varieties.  It is abundantly hopped during the boil with Northern Brewer, Cascade and Columbus varietals.  The beer's pungent citrus-like aroma is delivered by a massive quantity of Falconer's Flight hops used for dry-hopping.  The color is derived from an English Black Malt, but it does not contain malts commonly used in Stouts, therefore it lacks dry, roasted and baker's chocolate flavors.


Our Dubbel exhibits many of the complexities that have made this style of beer highly sought after over the centuries. It is dark red in color, hinging on mahogany, with loads of sweet, caramel esters that fill the nose. Hops are necessary only for the purpose of creating balance, but in no way do they compete with the rainbow of aromas. The aromas are a byproduct of fermentation, and our proprietary Belgian yeast strain produces similarities to many of the Belgian classic Dubbels.


Our Es Bueno is very well-balanced with the right amount of grain to give it mouth-feel, and just enough hops to lend a thorough hop component throughout the finish.  We use a fair amount of English caramel malt to give it its brilliant cooper color and the hop profile is a blend of European and American-grown hops.


 The Angry Monk doesn’t really fit into a specific beer category or meet specific style guidelines.  Therefore it is what it is – which is to say that it displays a very Belgian character due to the yeast strain.  You may notice that this beer is very different from our St. Marks Dubbel.  That is because we use an entirely different yeast strain for this one.
The aroma is heavy on the caramelized banana side with a dash of licorice.  We don’t filter the Angry Monk, nor any of our other Belgian-style beers, however, one distinguishing characteristic of this particular yeast strain is that it is highly flocculating which means it leaves the beer very clear and bright without sacrificing any flavors.


HOPS! Canniption Pale Ale is a huge beer by Pale Ale standards. While we appreciate a beer with balance and harmony, sometimes it makes sense to GO BIG and let the hops speak for themselves. We add a fair amount of sweet, caramely Crystal Malt to the mash to give it color, and enough body to stand up to the hops which are abundant throughout the flavor profile. Like the hops, the ABV is on the high end for a Pale Ale which just makes sense for a beer of this stature.



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WFBC Beer List


Duchesse De Bourgogne

Brouwerij  Verhaeghe  / Belgium

Flanders Red / 6% / sour - cherry - complex     

Union Jack

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

IPA  / 7.5% / honey - tropical - pungent                

Nectar of the Hops

Redstone Meadery / Boulder, CO

Sparkling Mead / 8% / sparkling - hop aroma - thirst-quenching

Night Owl

Elysian Brewing Co. / Ft. Collins, CO

Pumpkin Ale / 5.9% / pumpkin - mellow - spicy

J. Marie 

River North Brewery / Denver, CO

Saison / 7.5% / robust - stone fruit - refreshingly dry

Ambidextrous Ale Step 5

Left Hand Brewing Co. / Longmont, CO

Altbier / 7.4% / smooth - caramel - slight hops

Arrogant Bastard

Stone Brewing Co. / Escondido, CA

American Strong Ale / 7.2% /  powerful - heady - sticky


Prost Brewing Co. / Denver, CO

Marzen / 5.8% / toasty - authentic - sessionable



Monk’s Café

Brouwerij Van Steenberge  / Belgium

Flemish Sour Ale /  5%

light-caramel - tart - refreshing   

Endeavour Dubbel Ale

Green’s Gluten Free  / Belgium

Dubbel / 7%

sweet - smooth - warming           

Petrus Aged Pale Ale

Brouwerij Bavik  / Belgium

Flanders Sour / 7%

apple - citrus - effervescent

LeftHand Nitro Milk Stout

Left Hand Brewing Co. / Longmont, CO

Milk Stout / 6%

smooth - well-rounded - creamy

Victory Golden Monkey

Victory Brewing Co.  / Dowingtown, PA

Trippel / 9.5%

strong - malty - complex            

Boulevard Tank 7

Boulevard Brewing Co. / Kansas City, MO

Farmhouse Ale / 8%

fruity - funky- complex

Rayon Vert    

Green Flash Brewing Co. / San Diego, CA

Belgian Pale Ale / 7%

big - hoppy - funky


Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat / Belgium

Belgian Strong Pale Ale / 8.5%

fruity - balanced - crisp

St. Bernardus Witbier

Brouwerij St. Bernardus N.V. / Belgium

Witbeir / 5.5%

banana - clove - bubble gum 

LaTrappe Quadrupel

Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven B.V. / Holland

Quadrupel / 10%

malty - sweet - warming                                            


Colorado Cider Company / Denver, CO

Cider / 6.9%

Lemon grass - honey - gluten-free